Brought to you by the professional dance community of the Twin Cities and:


7-8 March 2015
(Saturday & Sunday)


Dancers Studio
415 Pascal Street North
St. Paul MN 55104 (Map)


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Saturday: Day Session

7 AM: Doors Open
8:00 AM: Latin Syllabus
12:00 PM: Lunch Break
1 PM: Smooth Syllabus
5 PM: Session Ends

Saturday: Evening Session

6:30 PM: Doors Open
7 PM: General Dancing
7:30 PM: Open Rhythm and Latin
8:00 PM: Open Smooth and Standard
8:45 PM: Team Events
10 PM: Session Ends

Sunday: Day Session

7:15 AM: Doors Open
8:00 AM: Rhythm Syllabus
12:00 PM: Lunch Break
1:00 PM: Standard Syllabus
4:00 PM: Strictly Dances
5:00 PM: Jack and Jill Dances
5:30 PM: Session Ends

Dance Fest is

a low-cost, beginner-friendly dancesport competition where:

  • New competitors can see what dancesport is about in a local, friendly environment without breaking the bank
  • Spectators can enjoy the beautiful dancing and spectator-sport atmosphere of the competition, particularly during the evening show
  • Experienced competitors can compete against some of the nation’s best dancers in all styles and involve their local coaches for real-time feedback