Our deepest gratitude to the many sponsors whose generous contributions help make Dance Fest possible.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Nic Westlake Memorial Fund
Nic was fiercely passionate about ballroom dancing, and fiercely passionate about sharing it with others. He contributed countless hours and resources to U Partner Dance which makes learning and competition opportunities available to new dancers. We hope his devotion can help others contribute to this effective organization and ensure his support of ballroom dance in Minnesota continues.

A nonprofit dedicated to investing in the future of ballroom dance in the Upper Midwest and nationwide.
U Partner Dance provides:
Initiatives focused on increasing involvement with ballroom dance.
Low-stress opportunities for dancers to participate in DanceSport.
Funding and logistical support to organizations promoting ballroom dance in their area.
Fully tax-deductible opportunities to contribute to ballroom dance.

A low-stress, feedback-based event designed to:
Provide social dancers and competitors alike with meaningful feedback from professionals they might not otherwise have access to.
Introduce beginners to the general format of a competition in a low-chaos environment.
Provide a preparatory event for those looking to compete.
Allow couples to experiment with new choreography and costuming.

A publication to engage the dance community. Learn. Discuss. Contribute. Enjoy.

Dance Fest's Mission

is to introduce competitors and spectators to DanceSport, focusing on those new to ballroom dance and to competitions.

Dance Fest is

a low-cost, beginner-friendly DanceSport competition where:

  • Dancers and spectators alike can enjoy an atmosphere of friendliness, camaraderie, and fun, unlike any competition in the Midwest.
  • New competitors can see all that DanceSport has to offer in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere without breaking the bank.
  • Experienced competitors can compete against some of thenation's best dancers in all styles and levels.
  • All competitors and spectators can sharpen their skills with free seminars held throughout the event.